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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program of Stamford University Bangladesh is designed following the guidelines of OBE (Objective Based Education) curriculum prescribed by UGC, Bangladesh. This program aims at providing modern and better education in business and preparing students as well-trained business professionals to meet the needs of the national and international business. Through this program students will develop their ability to understand necessary techniques for dealing with the economic, social and political environment of the business firms, especially quantitative techniques and communication skills. It also aims at developing in students a wide appreciation of relevant subjects and of their importance in solving business problems. The undergraduate degree program maintains this broad approach to business. There are formal final examinations in all subjects and all works carried out in the program are considered in the overall assessment. A satisfactory record of class work will also be required at each stage.


Duration of the Program

The duration of the BBA Program is four (4) years, which is divided into twelve (12) trimesters. Each trimester will be of sixteen (16) weeks of which twelve (12) are for class room teaching, three (3) weeks for conducting the mid-term and final trimester examinations and one (1) week of break.

Each course is of three (3) credit hours and for each course there are two (2) two lectures per week of one hour and fifteen minutes duration.


Total Credit Hours Requirement

BBA program consists of minimum 130.0 Credit Hours (133.0 Credit Hours including English Fundamentals) as per the following Course Structure:


Nature of Courses

Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours

Core Courses

35 Courses x 3.0

105.0 Credit Hours

Major Courses

6 Courses x 3.0

  18.0 Credit Hours

Freshmen, Continuous & Professional Orientations


    4.0 Credit Hours

Thesis Work / Internship

1 x 3.0

   3.0 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours

 130.0 Credit Hours

If English Fundamentals (ENGL 100) is required, then Total Credit Hours:

130.0 +  (1 x 3.0)

133.0 Credit Hours



To obtain the BBA degree a student has to complete minimum 130.0 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. If any student fails in any course, he/she will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent trimester like all other students.

Concentrations are:

  •  Accounting Information Systems (AIS)
  •  Finance (FIN)
  •  Human Resource Management (HRM)
  •  Marketing (MKT)



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